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Welcome to the Hit the Books official website! 

Here you can find the latest content from your Hit the Books and Hit the Ropes podcast hosts, Chris Holcomb, Emery Saunders, and Dan “The Mann” Maloney! 


Our Podcasts!

Chris and Emery host Hit the Book Podcast! It's our flagship weekly podcast featuring the latest news, your new Wednesday comic releases, and end with fun topics of discussion about the world of comic books!

Chris and Dan host Hit the Ropes Podcast! Our weekly WWE podcast dedicated to giving you our weekly RAW, Smackdown, and NXT reviews, discussing the latest WWE Universe news, and end with a brutal topic about the world of professional wrestling, BROTHER!


Our Reviews!

Check out our reviews on YouTube to join the discussion about the latest movies, games, books, WWE and all other content!


Our Tutorials!

Check out our tutorial videos to learn how to find the best comics, maintain your collections, and display your prized pieces affordably!